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The Legend of Beaver Rub

Legend has it that Beaver Steaks sustained the Mighty Voyageurs throughout their exploration of Canada. After years of this food, boiled bland beaver became boring!

One day a stranger appeared at the edge of the lake in a canoe. As the Voyageurs were having their supper of boiled beaver meat, the stranger lit a fire upwind from their camp. Unable to contain themselves, the Voyageurs approached the stranger at his camp and watched from the bushes. There was the stranger with a curious apparatus (a Bar-B-Q!) preparing his meal.

Voyageur with Haupy's Beaver RubSoon the stranger produced, from his satchel, a magical blend of herbs and spices. He sprinkled and rubbed them onto his beaver steaks. He put the meat on his Bar-B-Q and soon there were delicious smells wafting down towards the Voyageurs. “Sacre Bleu!” they cried to themselves. As the stranger was eating his Beaver Steaks, the Voyageurs summoned the courage to approach him. The stranger was not startled by their presence as he had noticed them long ago. “Want a bite?” the stranger asked. Unable to comprehend this, the uncivilized Voyageurs merely grunted and scratched themselves. The stranger held out a piece of meat towards them. Soon, the bravest of the smelly Voyageurs came forward and snatched the beaver meat from the stranger and gulped it down! The man’s eyes widened ... a look of amazement came upon his face. “C’est Magnifique!” he proclaimed.

Quickly the others rushed forth to taste the beaver morsels the stranger was now handing out. “C’mon... there’s enough for everyone” he said. Soon the Voyageurs were happily eating the finest beaver meat they had ever tasted! There was much drinking and merriment. The men became friends and the stranger shared his secret seasoning with the Voyageurs. "I call it Beaver Rub, eh!" he said. The Voyageurs smiled and nodded ... they did not understand him, but, they did understand that they would never have to eat boiled bland beaver again!

Thankfully we now have "Haupy’s Beaver Rub" Seasoning. Its perfect for beaver meat but also excellent on steaks, chicken or pork. Use it as a rub on any meat! Its also very tasty in soups or sauces, on eggs, in marinades, etc... Just use your imagination. It's Dam Good!

No beavers were harmed in the making of this spice.

About Haupy's Beaver Rub

The conception of Haupy's Beaver Rub (HBR) started on 9/9/9, and was inspired with the help of liquor and other such things! There was a need for a spice which was truly Canadian. The final recipe proved to be a tremendous hit. HBR is a very versatile spice with uses ranging from meats to sauces to marinades and soups. Haupy's Beaver Rub is excellent on wild game and can be used in the preparation of sausages and other hunters delicacies. Haupy's Beaver Rub is now launching its product to Canadians everywhere and to friends of Canadians everywhere. Through this website the whole world can enjoy a taste of Canada. We're not just maple syrup and poutine, eh!

Premium Ingredients

Haupy's Beaver Rub is a proprietary blend of paprika, garlic, turmeric, fennel, coriander, ginger, cinnamon, cumin, black pepper, cayenne, basil, and dill (spicy variety uses chillies). HBR does not include salt, MSG, or any other unnecessary ingredients. HBR is also gluten free and non-gmo.

Nutritional Information

A nutritional information sheet is available for Haupy's Beaver Rub. Please contact Haupy to request the nutritional information sheet.

Q: What is Canadian food?      A: Any food with Haupy's Beaver Rub on it!

Beaver Facts

  • The scientific name for the North American beaver is Castor Canadensis (Circumtero)
  • Beavers can grow up to weigh as much as 25 kg (that's 55 pounds for imperial people)
  • Beavers may mate for life and are extremely social animals
  • Beaver teeth never stop growing
  • Beaver babies are about 1/2 kg and are called kits and gain 1kg a month
  • The largest beaver dam on record was about 1.2 km long
  • Beavers build canals as well as dams
  • Beavers can chew about 15cm or 6" in less than an hour
  • Beaver homes are called lodges
  • Beavers can hold their breath underwater for up to 15 minutes
  • Beavers slap their tails on the ice to call for the puck -- professional hockey players have adopted this strategy by slapping their hockey sticks on the ice
  • Beavers have a set of transparent eyelids they can use like goggles
  • Beavers have valves in their ears and nose that they close when underwater
  • Between 1853 and 1877 the Hudsons Bay Company harvested over 3 million beavers
  • The English game of “Cricket” was originally called “Beaver”. Players used beaver tails as the bat! :)
  • Beavers live about 10-12 years and have a gestation period of 105 days
  • Beavers slap the water with their tail as a warning of danger to others
  • Beavers can swim and walk at about 8 km/hr
  • Michael Jackson learned the "moonwalk" from watching beavers do it
  • Beavers are vegeterians but most humans are not. Beavers can be tasty. If you ever get a chance to eat a beaver... you should!

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